Lech Wałęsa attends meeting in Podkowa Leśna


On the 15th of September a next meeting, promoting the book “Lech, Leszek”. To win freedom”, took place in Podkowa Leśna. The event was attended by President Lech Wałęsa, professor Leszek Balcerowicz and editor Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska. The mayor of Podkowa Leśna, Mr. Artur Tusiński, was also present.

Passages from the book were read for the public by two famous Polish actors – Janusz Gajos and Jerzy Radziwiłłowicz. The meeting raised great interest among the readers – almost 1300 people gathered next to the Casino Palace building. The discussion proceeded in a very familiar and cheerful atmosphere. After the meeting Lech Wałęsa and Leszek Balcerowicz gave many autographs, as well as took pictures with the readers.