Lech Wałęsa initiates the activity of a new civil organisation


On Saturday President Wałęsa officially inaugurated the activity of the Civil Electoral Assistance. The newly established initiative aims to support democratic and oppositional parties in Poland, as well as encourage citizens to vote.

The organisation initiated by Mr. President has been formed by the Civil Committee by Lech Wałęsa in assistance with several civil organisations, fighting for the rule of law in Poland – Committee for the Defence of Democracy, “Wolne Sądy” Initiative and “Wygrajmy Wybory” Movement. The Civil Electoral Assistance was formed to support democratic parties and build unity and solidarity on the opposition.

Lech Wałęsa said that the initiative needs to “create something new”. “Consult the results of your victories, agree on common values. The first step of your activity should be the common agreed and implemented values in Poland, in Europe and later all around the world” – he urged.