President Wałęsa for the OECD Forum Network


On the 3rd of July an article titled “From Isolation to Solidarity: How we toppled communism and what challenges lie ahead” by President Wałęsa was published on the OECD Forum Network website. The article is a part of the official celebration of 30 years of Polish freedom.

In his article President Wałęsa writes about historical challenges and difficulties which Poland had to face in the 20th Century, being placed against its will in the Soviet area of influence. The Soviet authority, however, was felt as imposed therefore Poles, having strongly rejected the post-war status quo and the oppressive character of the communist regime, formed an active resistance which resulted in the establishment of the Solidarity movement. This first oppositional force was led by Lech Wałęsa.

In his article President also mentions the role of Pope John Paul II, the impact of modern technology and other external factors which allowed Poland to gain freedom, as well as the exceptionality of the Solidarity which led the country towards a fully peaceful revolution. He also addresses the problem of new global challenges which require global solidarity and cooperation in accordance with strong values.

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